4balnce Music for Your Body! A Modern Frequency Breakthrough in Pain Relief!

If you have a flu this is what you can do! And many other uses!  Now you can experience the sounds of soothing pain relief anywhere, at anytime using just your phone or tablet!

4balnce line drawing

 4balnce Music plays harmonic frequency sets to your body zones through your phone or tablet speaker. Point your speaker at your body zone and hold 1-3 cm away from your body will the song plays. Your body will harmonise with the frequency song and anything else will just go away. 

“Feels good, does good, is good!”

Case File: Fence Cut Hand

This is the most used song. It can be used all over the body and head. This song is used for instant soothing pain relief of cuts, burns, bruises, stings, infections, aches, pains, bumps, cold sores, scrapes, fractures, rashes & acne over your whole body!


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4balnce Technology Demonstration – Fence Cut Hand (14 potential stitches)

This is a demonstration of the 4balnce technology on what would have been a 14 stitch wound. I used 4soothing Instant to relieve pain, neutralise infection and coagulate blood in the wound. A clear sticky substance (bioglue) was exuded out of the coagulated blood and glued the flesh of the wound back together. It never came apart afterwards! The bioglue performed better than stitches! I changed the song to 4hips 4hands after 10 days when the 4soothing had finished repairing and sealing the wound and was no longer as effective. I switched to the 4hips 4hands song and I got a new level of pain relief that seemed to age the wound about a week overnight (Day11). From then on I had outstanding pain relief.
I deliberately neglected the wound and did not wash or disinfect it. The only thing that I did was wave the phone over the wound while playing a 4balnce song!


4balnce Songs used on this Wound